Enabling search

To enable the search feature, you need to create a full-text index.

About this task

After you have enabled search, you can perform a full-text search in any of the major areas, such as Mail or Calendar.
Depending on how your administrator sets up search, your search is performed in one of these ways:
  • Treats multiple terms as though the AND operator connects them. Documents returned would have all the terms but not necessarily in the order they were entered.
  • Treats terms as if they are enclosed within quotation marks so that a search would return documents with an exact match of the words in the order they were entered in the search field.
Note: It may take a few minutes to create a full-text index.


  1. Click Preferences > Basics, and check Enable full-text indexing for searching.
  2. Click OK.


You also have the option to search your Mail file using one of the following parameters. To do this, click the arrow next to the Inbox search field, select one of the following from the drop-down list, and type your search criteria in the search field:
  • All - search your Inbox using the search terms you enter in the search field.
  • From - search your Inbox for email from a specified sender name.
  • Recipients - search your Inbox for email sent to a specified person or persons.
  • Subject - search your Inbox for email with a specified subject.