Creating and using mail messages

Prior to sending a mail message, you have the option of specifying delivery options, attaching one or more files to a message, saving a message as a draft for review at a later time, and other options.

About this task

Use the following table to see your options when creating a mail message.
Note: Administrators can set a maximum size or quota for mail files. If your mail file has a quota and you reach it, you cannot create a mail message or calendar entry.
Table 1. Tasks for creating messages
Task Action
Save a copy of the message in the Drafts view so that you can send it at a later time. Click Save As Draft.
Specify delivery options. Click Delivery Options, and select any delivery option.
Attach a file to the message. Click the Attachments heading following the body of the message. Then clickSelect files to attach icon, and then browse to and select the file to attach.
Change format of the message text for this message.
Note: You can override your Mail preference for this message.
Click the arrow next to Format, and then select Rich or Plain Text.
Save the populated fields as stationery. Click More > Save As Stationery.
Insert a signature.
Note: You must create a signature in Mail > Signature preferences to use this option.
Click More > Insert Signature.
Choose not to display Bcc, Additional Mail Options, or Sender Information on the mail form when you are creating a message. If you choose not to display an option, the option is hidden until you choose to display it again. Click the arrow next to New, and then click Message. In the open form, click Display.
Add a prefix to the subject of a message to indicate that the message is confidential. Before the To field of the message, click Mark Subject Confidential.
Add GIF, JPG, and PNG images to messages.
  1. Place the cursor in the location in the message body where you want to insert the image.
  2. Click Insert image icon in the toolbar immediately preceding the message body.
  3. Click Browse, select the image to insert, and click Insert
Create a link to a web page in your message. When a reader clicks the link, the linked web page opens in a separate browser window.
  1. Place the cursor in your message where you want the link to appear in your message.
  2. Click Insert link icon, and then complete the form.