Setting up Out-of-Office mail

You can set up an out-of-office message so that people who send you mail while you are away from the office receive a reply automatically. The automated reply tells people who send you mail that you are out of the office, and tells them when you will return.


  1. From your Inbox, click the arrow by More and then click Out of Office.
  2. Specify your leaving and returning dates, and then do any of the following tasks. When you have completed your selections, click Save & Close.
    • Click the Standard Notification tab to change the automatic reply message.
    • Click the Alternate Notification tab to send a different message to specified people or domains.
    • Click the Exclusions tab to cancel replies to specific people, groups, internet addresses, or messages containing certain text.

What to do next

On the specified return date, you receive a welcome back message that lists the people who received automatic replies while you were out. You continue to receive welcome back messages until you disable out-of-office mail.