Managing contacts

You save information about people and groups in your contacts.

About this task

Each contact can include as little or as much information as you choose. The contact form is designed to be tailored to your use. To open your contacts, click Contacts icon in the client banner. From this view you can edit and delete contact records, and sort your contacts alphabetically by name, by company or by e-mail address by clicking one of the views in the navigator.


Manage your contacts by completing any of the tasks in this table.
Table 1. Contact management tasks
Task Description
Create a new entry Click New to create a new contact entry. Enter information in any of these fields:
  • Default E-mail - enter one or more addresses. When you select the person's name from your contacts, mail is sent to these addresses.
  • General tab - provides space for miscellaneous information.
  • Certificates tab - You cannot enter certificate information when you create a new contact entry. This tab displays certificate information only. This tab is populated when you choose More > Add Sender to Contacts from an open mail message.
Click Save & Close or click Save to save the contact entry, but keep it open for further changes.
Note: If you include the contact's company name, you can later sort your contact entries by company.
Add a photo to a new or existing contact In a new or existing contact entry, click Insert Photo to upload a photo from your computer. The photo file format must be .jpg, .gif, or .png. When the contact entry is open, the photo is displayed on the Summary tab.
Note: This capability is not supported in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.
Customize a contact form Click the arrow next to any field and change the field name.
Add email sender to contacts A quick and simple way to create a contact is to add the sender of a message to your contacts. The email address and the certificate used to sign the message are automatically included when the contact entry is created. Select a message you have received, and click More > Add Sender to Contacts.
Note: If there is already an entry for the sender in your Contacts, it is updated with the new information.
Adding certificate information to a contact record You need a person’s Internet certificate or their HCL Notes® certified public key associated with them in your contacts in order for you to send them encrypted mail. There are three ways to do this:
  • Use Add Sender to Contacts (see previous).
  • Copy a name from the server's directory to your contacts. You do this from the Select Addresses dialog box. Click an address field in a new document (a message for example). Select a name and then click Copy. If the record already exists in your contacts, no action is taken.
Synchronizing your contacts with your Notes contacts - If you are a Notes user, you can set a user preference in Notes so that contact entries stored in your local Notes contacts file (usually names.nsf) are also stored in your mail file on the server. Setting this preference ensures that your Notes contact records are synchronized with your web client contact records. You synchronize contacts from the Notes client. See the topic Synchronizing your contacts with iNotes or a mobile device in the Notes Help for additional information.