How do blacklists and whitelists filter mail?

To help filter out unwanted email, the IBM® Domino® server can be configured to use blacklists to specify hosts and/or domains responsible for sending unwanted email to you. In addition to blacklists, the server also tags e-mails with whitelist tags.

  • When blacklist filters are enabled, any email from a host on the blacklist is tagged. Although you cannot see the tag, your mail system recognizes it and you can create a mail rule to act on messages that have a blacklist tag.
    • For example, you may want to create a rule that sends all blacklist tagged emails to a folder called SPAM: WHEN Blacklist contains PrivateBlackList THEN move to folder SPAM.
  • A whitelist is a list of exceptions to hosts or domains on a blacklist. To take advantage of the server's whitelist, you can set a mail rule to act on messages that have a whitelist tag. If blacklist and whitelist filters are enabled on the server, your IBM Domino administrator can supply you with the list of names on the lists.