Specifying a non-local time zone for a meeting or appointment

You can specify a time zone other than your current time zone when you create a calendar entry.

About this task

When you specify a time zone other than your local time zone, the entry displays at the corresponding local time in your calendar. For example, if you are in Boston (Eastern Time, US and Canada) and you create a calendar entry for a meeting that starts at 4:00 PM in Spain (Western/Central Europe time), the entry displays on your calendar at 10:00 AM local time.

In a new meeting or appointment entry, for either or both the Starts and Ends fields, click Show Time Zones to select a different time zone.

Tip: The start and end times do not have to be in the same time zone. For example, if you schedule a meeting that spans multiple time zones and you want to be aware of how the end time affects those not in your time zone, set a different time zone to check the end time.