Scheduling a meeting and sending invitations

When you schedule meetings, you can check the schedules of invitees, reserve a location, set up online meetings, and track invitee responses.


  1. From your calendar, click New. If necessary, then select Meeting in the What field.
  2. For Subject, type a short meeting description in the field.
    Note: To assign the meeting to a category, click Category, and select one or more categories. To add a category, type its name, and click Add.
  3. For Required, specify your main invitees by typing one or more email addresses and group names.
    Note: To add invitees by looking for names in your contacts, the Domino® directory on your mail server, or a directory catalog, click Required, select the directory to search, type a name to search for, click Search, select the name from the search results, and click Required:>>.
    Note: To add optional invitees, click Optional. To notify others about the meeting, click FYI. Then, to add optional or FYI invitees, follow the preceding instructions for specifying or searching for invitee names.
  4. Specify the date, start time, and end time.
    Note: To check the free time of invitees, click Find Available Time. Use this option to select from recommended meeting times, or look for times when all required invitees or all invitees are free to meet.
    Note: To select an alternate time zone for the start time, end time, or both, click Show Time Zones.
  5. Optional: Do any of these:
    • To repeat the meeting, click Repeats and specify repeat settings such as frequency and duration.
    • Type a meeting location.
    • To add conference call information to the Location field or to the meeting invitation body, click Call-in Number. Then, to display the call-in information in the meeting invitation body only, deselect the Include conference call information in the Location option.
      Note: The Call-in Number option displays only if conference call information is specified in your calendar meeting preferences.
    • To add online meeting information to the meeting invitation, click Online Meeting and, if necessary, select the meeting service your organization uses and specify your online meeting details for the service.
    • To set an alarm for the meeting, select Remind me and select an alarm time.
    • To receive a notice from each invitee who responds, select Request response.
      Tip: If sending a meeting invitation to a very large number of invitees, consider deselecting Request response. This makes the meeting invitation a broadcast invitation and, instead of responding, invitees have the option to add the meeting to their calendars or not.
      Tip: If concerned about volume of response notices in your Inbox even when the number of invitees is smaller, see the calendar display preference Types of meeting notices to be shown in your Inbox and select the All except responses option. You can then track invitee responses from your meeting entry via Owner Actions > View Invitee Status without displaying the response notices in your Inbox.
    • To add a meeting entry for the invitation to your calendar but keep the time period open in your free time schedule, select Available in the Show as field.
    • To prevent people who have access to your calendar from reading the meeting entry, select Mark private. People who have access to manage your calendar can see the times but not the contents of private entries.
    • Specify any meeting information such as an agenda in the body of the meeting invitation.
    • To add files such as presentations to the meeting invitation, click the Attachments heading, click the Select files icon after the heading, and browse to select one or more files to attach.
    • To specify any standard mail delivery options, click Delivery Options in the toolbar.
  6. Click one of the following options in the toolbar:
    • Save and Send Invitations to send the invitation and add a meeting entry for the invitation to your calendar.
    • Save as Draft to save your work on the invitation to update and send at a later time.