Setting archive preferences

To create an archive, you must set Archive preferences.

About this task

Go to Preferences > Archive.


Set any of the archive preferences listed in the table:
Table 1. Archive preferences
Preference Description
Where do you want to archive? Select where you want to create an archive file.

If you select On my computer, you can encrypt your mail file, which ensures that you are the only person who can open your mail archive.

How do you want to specify which documents to archive? You must choose one of these options for archiving to occur:

Manually select documents to archive -- if you are archiving on your computer, this option is selected for you (on Microsoft™ Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox on Microsoft Windows™ only).

Archive all documents not modified or updated -- specify how long to keep static documents before archiving them.
Note: If you archive on a server, you can choose both of these options.
Archiving instructions Choose whether you want to store documents in an archive file, archive\a_username.nsf, by default or just delete them. If you choose to delete them, all documents that are manually selected or that meet the archive time frame you specified previously are deleted. Documents deleted in this manner cannot be restored.

You can also choose not to delete documents that have responses if the responses have been modified during the time you specified. Check this to make sure that a parent message is not deleted, leaving orphaned responses in your mail file.

Do you want to keep a log of your archiving activity? Check this to create a log of archiving activity. The default archive log file is archive\l_username.nsf.
Note: If you create a log file you must use the IBM® iNotes® client to open it.