LNK Application Programming Interface Installation and Configuration

This section describes general and API-specific requirements.

Location of required files and libraries

The LNK Application Programming Interface (API) is installed with both the HCL Link and the HCL Link runtime server.

The required files for the APIs are in the following directories:
Files Windows Directory Linux Directory
Headers install_dir $install_dir/src
Libraries install_dir $install_dir/src
JARs install_dir $install_dir/src

Linking an application to an alternate ICU library version

This release of HCL Link uses ICU version 55.1.0.

An HCL Link Application Programming Interface (API) user can link an application to a version of ICU other than ICU V55.1.0 by including the ICU version's lib names in the link line.

For example, to link your application to ICU V3.4.1, use the following link line:

-licuuc341 licuuc18n341 licudata341

If you do not want to specify the version numbers in the link line, the ICU team recommends that you start the icu-config script from the $(ICU_INSTALL)/bin/ directory.

To start the icu-config script, include the following code in your makefile:

 ICU_LDFLAGS=`$(ICU_INSTALL)/bin/icu-config --ldflags-libsonly`

If you are using ICU V3.4.1, the icu-config script returns the following required link lines:

-licui18n341 -licuuc341 -licudata341