Potential issues with glibc component on RHEL V7.2 systems

As described in Red Hat Bug 1293976 and Red Hat Bug 1256285, Red Hat Enterprise Linux® V7.2 can include a defective version of the glibc component. The affected versions are glibc-2.12-1.149.el6.x86_64 through glibc-2.12-1.163.el6.x86_64. These versions of glibc can cause unpredictable behavior in HCL Link.

Enter the following command to display the version of glibc that is installed on your system:

rpm -qi glibc

If you have an affected version of glibc, correct the issue as described in the bug reports before you run HCL Link.

Overriding the default UTF-8 encoding of XML documents

UTF-8 is the default encoding when an XML document does not explicitly specify the encoding. Use the DTX_SCHEMA_ENCODING Language Environment variable to override the default encoding. The encoding that you specify applies to all input and output cards in a map.

Specify the code page and export the DTX_SCHEMA_ENCODING variable. For example:


Configuration variable tracing

Use the [Launcher] logging options in the install_dir\dtx.ini configuration file to set the configuration variable trace options. The trace file logs encrypted aliases and displays them as masked values.