Known Issues and Workarounds

Chrome browser hangs

When a large number of items with fetch search boxes are opened in the Google Chrome browser, the browser might hang. In such cases, use Mozilla Firefox browser.

Source and Target nodes do not support legacy adapters

The Source and Target nodes do not support legacy database adapters Oracle, Sybase and DB2.

Inconsistent Cache node behaviour in Link

When using External as the cache type, you will observe different behaviour between the Native and the Docker installations from the Link UI when using the Run option. These differences are as follows:
  • Native installation – The external cache is shared with the Runtime REST API. All variables can be accessed by both components.
  • Docker installation – The external cache is not shared with the Runtime REST API. You can only access variables defined within the scope of each component.

'HIP Cores not available’ error message

When running LNK Map Command Server, Flow Command Server or API on Windows Server 2019, you may receive the error message 'HIP Cores not available'. If you receive this message, and you have a valid dtxlic.ini file, you might be receiving this message because you have entered the license server URL and server ID during HIP setup, and the permissions are incorrect.

If this occurs, proceed as follows to correct the problem:
  1. Open a command console and run it as ‘Administrator’.
  2. cd to the LNK installation directory, for example C:\HCL Link n.n.n
  3. Delete the <hostname> directory and all its contents.
  4. If the hostname is named hip-prod, enter:rmdir /s .hip-prodand confirm with a Y.

You should now be able to run LNK Command Server, or API, as a non-Administrator.

Listener set up for ActiveMQ and Kafka

When setting up a listener for ActiveMQ or Kafka, the card with the listener must set up the connection in the card itself instead of using a previously created connection.

HL7 MLLP connection type not fully functional

The HL7 MLLP connection type is included in the list of connection types in the Link web UI, but this connection type is not fully functional. Do not use this connection type when you are defining Connections, Actions and Cards.

Issue with Upload Again option for schemas

There is an issue with using the “Upload Again” option from the context menu of an XSD Schema, or a JSON Schema from the “Schemas” list. JSON templates are not affected by this issue. Instead of using the “Upload Again” option, it is recommended that if you want to update the structure of one of these types of schema, you can instead delete it and reimport the modified .json or .xsd file. Then you can update any references to that schema in your maps and flows.”