Configuration variable alias resolution

When a map that includes an alias deploys to a server, the server where the map runs and the server groups defined in the configuration variable determine how the alias resolves.

An administrator must define a default server group for a configuration variable, but other server groups are optional. An administrator might choose to define only the default server group when the same value applies to multiple server groups.

For example, if an administrator defines the configuration variable USERID with the following values:
Server group USERID value
Default level1_user
HCL Link dsgn_team
Development devl_00
Test QA_all
Production prod1_admin
USERID resolves as follows:
  • When the map deploys to one of the defined server groups, USERID resolves to the value specified for that group.
  • When the map deploys to a server that's not included in a defined server group, USERID resolves to the default value.