Server definitions specify the location and access method for instances of Link runtime. Packages can be deployed to the instances of the Link runtime by specifying which server definition to deploy.

Servers are of these types:
  • Local - The runtime is installed on the same server as the Link design environment so files can be simply copied to the runtime.
  • Web - The server is the Link runtime which can be accessed by use of the REST APIs.
  • Execution - The server is not running the Link runtime. Files are copied by use of FPT or SFTP.

Depending upon the type of server, different connection parameters are required. For a web server, the Base URL is required. This should have the form: http://<server>/hip-rest.

For an execution server, the appropriate FTP or SFTP parameters need to be specified.

A server can optionally be defined to belong to a server group. This allows for different values of configuration variables to be specified for each group.