A package defines a set of maps and flows to be collectively built and deployed to a server.

A package definition is comprised of the following:
  • The project that defines the maps and flows.
  • A base path under which the artifacts are deployed. This can be used to ensure that similarly named artifacts are kept distinct and do not overwrite each other.
  • A set of flows and/or maps to be included in the package.
  • A set of additional files from the project to be included in the package.

For maps and flows, a URL can be specified. This defines the endpoint URL through which the map or flow can be accessed on the Link runtime server.

Building a package causes the maps listed in the package to be compiled.

Deploying a package compiles all of the maps listed in the package and then copies all of the artifacts to a specified server. Dependent objects are also included in the package even if they are not explicitly selected. For example, if a flow references other flows and maps, the referenced flows and maps are included in the package.