JMS Adapter commands

The following table lists valid commands for the JMS Adapter, the command syntax, and whether the command is supported (✓) for use with data sources, targets, or any combination therein.

Commands can be specified on the adapter's command line or through adapter properties. Note that the commands are not case sensitive but that each value is case sensitive.

For ease of use, most commands have a short form and a long form that is described in the specific command text.

Note: The following commands are all valid in both JMS modes, Publish-and-Subscribe (Pub/Sub) and Point-to-Point (PTP) except where noted.

[1] PTP only

[2] Pub/Sub only

Command Syntax Source Target
ConnectionFactoryName (-CFN) -CFN factory_name
CorrelationID (-CID) -CID correlation_id
DeliveryMode (-DM) -DM !P|P
DurableSubscriber (-DS)[2] -DS sub_name
Expiration (-E) -E time_milliseconds
GroupID (-GID) -GID group_id
Header (-HDR) -HDR
InitContextFactory (-ICTXF) -ICTXF factory_name
InitContextFactoryURL (-ICTXFURL) -ICTXFURL factory_url
JNDI Method (-JM) -JM sys|env
Listen (-LSN) -LSN timeout_value
Priority (-PRI) -PRI msg_priority
Property (-PRP) -PRP
Password (-PW) -PW password
Queue (-QN)[1] -QN queue_dest
Quantity (-QTY) -QTY num_of_messages
Reply (-R) -R topic_name|queue_name
Selector (-SEL) -SEL "sel_expression"
Text (-TT) -TT
Topic (-TN) [2] -TN topic_dest
Trace (-T) -T[E][+] [filename]
UserName (-UN) -UN user_name