GroupID (-GID)

Use the GroupID adapter command (-GID or -GROUPID) to specify the ID that marks multiple messages as belonging to a group.

This is an optional command. The default is a null GroupID.

The -GID adapter command only assigns a specified group_id value to the JMSXGroupID property of the message. If it is necessary to track the sequence numbers for the messages, the JMSGroupSeq property of Java int type must be utilized. In other words, a schema with the JMSXGroupSeq property must be used.

Additionally, if it is necessary to specify the last message of the group, additional properties must be used, and this is defined by the message provider.

For example, to specify the last message in a group sequence in IBM® MQ, the IBM® MQ JMS-specific property, JMS_IBM_Last_Msg_In_Group of Java boolean type must be used.

Note that if you need to use the schema with JMS properties to specify grouped messages (for example, to specify sequence numbers), you have a choice of using the -GID adapter command or the JMSXGroupID property of java.lang.String type to specify the group identifier value.

-GID group_id
Specify the ID that marks multiple messages as belonging to a group.

For example, to specify an ID of JMSTotal for the group: