License management

A licensed LNK Link feature must have a valid license to run. An Link feature license comes from your company’s pool of licenses on the license server (your company’s entitlement).

These runtime servers share a single license:
  • LNK Link Command Server
  • LNK Link API
LNK Link Packs each have a unique license:
  • LNK Link Pack for Financial Payer
  • LNK Link Pack for Healthcare
  • LNK Link Pack for SAP
  • LNK Link Pack for Supply Chain

A license is required to run the Command Server, to invoke the Link API, or to run a map that uses a type tree from a licensed Pack. When a runtime license is not available, the Command Server does not start, and maps that an application invokes through the Link API don’t run. When a Pack license is not available, maps that use a type tree from a licensed Pack don’t run.

You don’t need a license to run a map on Design Server if you don’t intend to invoke the Link API.