What's new in HCL Link

This documentation describes new and changed functions and features in HCL Link version

Cache nodes
Two cache nodes are now available.
  • Cache Read - Reads key/value pairs from the global cache, or from the flow variables.
  • Cache Write - Writes key/value pairs to the global cache based on the scope property.
Source node and Target node

These nodes let you begin with a map, add inputs and outputs, and then configure these to access Link resources. If desired, you can create connections in the process.

Clone node

The Clone node in Flow Designer clones an input data stream in a flow to send multiple outputs.

Google Cloud Storage Adapter

The Google Cloud Storage Adapter provides access to buckets and objects in the Google Cloud Storage service in Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Pub/Sub Adapter

The Google Cloud Pub/Sub Adapter provides access to topics and subscriptions in the Google Cloud Pub/Sub service in Google Cloud.

Service Builder

Enhanced functionality has been added for running flows in Design Server using the Flow Command Server.


The Augomapper in Map Designer automaticallymaps between input and output fields in the Map Designer with a new interactive user interface. The Automapper algorithmically calculates the best mappings and presents these to the user. This feature significantly accelerates map developent of by eliminating many manual steps.

Online help

Significant upgrades and improvements have been made to the HCL Link online help in an ongoing effort to improve overall user experience, as well as to align content delivery with other HCL products and offerings.