What's new in 1.0.4?

What's new for app authors?

  • A Data Grid widget has been added to the control palette for forms and app pages. DataGrid is a new way to display data from another form in the same application. For more information, see the following topics:
  • A Rich Text entry field is added.

    Using the Rich Text entry, you can add Rich Text anywhere in your form or app page.

    For more information, see Adding Rich Text to a form or app page.

  • Domino Data as a service: read Domino rich text fields.
  • UI Improvements:
    • Tabs across the top are replaced by a sidebar:

    • Added breadcrumb navigation:

      new breadcrumb navigation
    • Updated the Toolbar:

  • Added Service Timing.

    Service Timing indicates whether a service on an activity should run before or after submitting the document:

    service timing
  • Link integration updates: for more information, see HCL Link integration.

What's new for administrators?