Item and apItem events

This topic describes the Item Events, and their parameters when using JavaScript API in HCL Domino Volt .

There are many events available to hook into on an item that is accessed from the item Edit Properties panel.
Table 1. JavaScript objects available in item events
Variable Full name Description Example Type
app Application object Contains functions for accessing global general information app.isSingleFormView() GUI
page Page object For accessing the Page and the items on it page.F_Text.setContent('This a Label'); GUI
form Form object For accessing the pages and controlling page navigation form.getPage('P_Page1'); GUI
item Item object The object representing the current item item.setVisible(true); GUI
BO Business Object object Top-level data object for the form BO.F_Username.getValue(); DATA
BOA Business Object Attribute object Object representing the Data for the current item. Only present for data items BOA.setValue("Please enter your Name"); DATA
appPage App Page Object For accessing the app page and the items on it. appPage.F_SingleLine1.getValue() GUI
apItem Item on an App Page The object representing the current item on an app page. apItem.setValue("app pages are great!") GUI/data
Table 2. Item Events
Event Description
onClick Called every time that the item is selected by the user.
onHide Called every time that the item is hidden, whether just itself or the entire page.
onInvalid (only data items) Called when a data item goes from being valid to invalid.
onItemBlur Called when the item is blurred (focus is lost).
onItemChange Called when the item data is changed and saved into the Business Object. For some types of items, it occurs when the user tabs or switches focus, for example, when users select Number, Single Line, Multi-Line, and Currency form items. For other items, it occurs every time they make a change, such as Check Box, Survey, or drop-down.
Note: You cannot change the value of an item within this event as its value has changed, and it is locked.
onItemFocus Called when focus is received by an item.
onItemLiveChange (items which can be incrementally changed) Called every time data is entered but not yet updated to the Business Object, such as Number, Single Line, Multi-Line, and Currency.
onMouseOut Called every time the mouse moves out of the item bounding area (not including label).
onMouseOver Called every time the mouse moves into the item bounding area (not including label).
onShow Called every time the item goes from being hidden to being shown, whether from a page flip or because of a rule or JavaScript change.
onValid (only data items) Called when a data item goes from being invalid to valid.
Table 3. Item Events - Table only
Event Description Example
onAdd This event is called after an entry is added to the table. The newly added item data is available from the variable itemBO. Add a value from the new row to a subtotal field:
var curValue = BO.F_Total.getValue();
curValue += itemBO.F_Price.getValue();
onEdit Called after an existing row is edited by the user. The item that was edited is available from the variable itemBO.
onRemove Called after a row is deleted from the table by the user. The item that was deleted is available from the variable itemBO.
Table 4. Item Events - Tabbed Folder only
Event Description
onTabSelected Called after a tab is selected.
Table 5. Item Events - Section only
Event Description
onCollapse Called when the section is collapsed.
onExpand Called when the section is expanded.
Table 6. beforeOptionsUpdate
Event Description Example
beforeOptionsUpdate This event is called before the options in a drop-down list are updated from a service call or from an API call. The array of options is passed in as pOptions and can be modified by the event code. By default, when a new options list is set into a drop-down list and the current selected item is not in the new list, it is added into the new list automatically. If you return false from this event, it does not copy the missing option into the new list.
pOptions.push({title:'Pizza', value:'fooditem3'});
return false;
Table 7. Item Events - DataGrid only
Event Description Example
onDataChange Called when the content in the Grid is changed. This includes the initial load, moving to a new page, and using the refresh() javaScript method.
Automatically select the first row when data is loaded:
onRowSelect Called when a row is clicked by the user. The selected row’s data is available from the variable rowData.

Copy content from the record selected in the grid to items on an app page:

if(rowData) {
  if(rowData.F_Picture) {
    appPage.F_HTMLArea1.setContent("<img src='" + rowData.F_Picture.viewUrl + "' />");
  } else {
onRowDeselect Called when the selected row is unselected.