Adding a Data Grid to a form or app page

A data grid allows you to display a list of data anywhere in your application.

About this task

While tables store data, a data grid just renders the list of data from another form in the application. A data grid also allows you to sort and filter the data.


  1. From the Palette, expand the Advanced section.
  2. Click Data Grid.
    A wizard displays that allows you to configure the data grid. You can define the following:
    • Which form's data it shows.
    • Which columns it will display
    • The order of the columns.
    • Which columns are sortable.
    • Any filters that should be run on the data to be displayed in the grid.
  3. Select the data grid widget that appears on the page.
  4. Use the data grid properties panel to define the following:
    • The number of rows.
    • Row spacing.
    • Whether or not double-clicking on a row opens a record.
    • If a record opens in a new tab.
    • Remove, change the order, and set properties on the columns in the data grid.
    • Write JavaScript code (if needed) on any of the following events:
      • onDataChange
      • onHide
      • onRowDeselect
      • onRowSelect
      • onShow
    You can return to the wizard to reconfigure the settings in the data grid configuration.


About this task

  • In release 1.0.4, only data from another form in the application can be displayed in a data grid.
  • For a column to be sortable in the data grid, the corresponding field in the associated form must have its sortable setting set to Both.