Using the add_account command

The IMSMO protocol add_account command creates a new Outlook profile with a configured IMSMO account. Call the command from a web browser for one-click account creation. Call from Microsoft Windows explorer to deploy accounts for multiple users.

The command uses the following parameters. Parameters are required unless otherwise noted.
Table 1. IMSMO protocol add_account parameters
Parameter Description
profile (optional)
  • Name of profile to create.
  • If omitted, the email address is used as the profile name.
  • If the name exists, <profile name> (1) is used.
server Host name of the server to connect to.
display User name shown in the client.
email User email address, for example,
cloud false
make_default (optional)
  • true to make the new profile the default.
  • false keep the current default profile.
open_on_completion (optional) true to open Outlook after the account is configured.
prompt_for_profile (optional)
  • true to prompt the user to choose a profile when they start Outlook. Use this option to allow a user who has an existing profile to choose which profile to use.
  • false to use the default profile when users start Outlook.
  • Omit the parameter to keep the current setting.