System requirements

This topic describes the server requirements for IBM® mail support for Microsoft™ Outlook (IMSMO).

System requirements

As of IBM Domino® 10, the server components required for IMSMO are installed with the Domino server. Installing the IBM mail server add-on (IMSA) is no longer necessary.

For detailed system requirements, see the Domino index of system requirements and the Traveler system requirements.

For information on installing and configuring Traveler, see the Traveler documentation.

Server configuration settings

  • $CSUID2APPTUNIDCONTROL=4 - This INI setting impacts the home mail server, i.e., the server where mail gets delivered, even if that is not the Traveler server.
    • Recommended - The setting is recommended if all servers in the same cluster of the home server are running Domino® release 9.0.1 or higher. If all servers are not running Domino release 9.0.1 or higher, there is a remote potential to have rescheduled calendar entries from external, non-Notes® meeting organizers appear as invitations. This happens if the original invitation arrives on a 9.0.1 server, and the reschedule notice is delivered to a server earlier than Domino 9.0.1, for example due to failover.
    • Required - This INI setting is required on your home server, to ensure successful interoperability with external organizers, especially in cases where there are both AIX® and non-AIX servers involved - for example, when an AIX server is the home server, and there is a Windows™ server that services IBM Mail support for Microsoft Outlook. In such a scenario, counter proposals to external organizers will not work from Outlook.

  • HTTP will be enabled on first launch after Traveler server installation, if it was not already enabled
  • For larger deployments IBM recommends increasing both the Cached user expiration interval and Maximum cached users values, which can be found in the server document (Internet Protocols > Domino Web Engine). Set Cached user expiration interval to 28800 seconds (8 hours); for Maximum cached users, please set to the number of users that are expected to be using this Traveler server.

Server settings - user access

Note: IMSMO users must be in the same domain as the Traveler mail server.
Each IMSMO user who accesses the Traveler server must have:
  • A mail replica on the Traveler server.
  • A valid internet address, set in the user's person document
  • A valid internet password, set in the user's person document (only required if you will be using Domino authentication)
  • The user's Notes ID must be in an ID Vault - if you are not currently using ID vault, set one up.