Creating a Group Policy Object to deploy the Domino SSL certificate

In order for Microsoft Outlook and the IBM® mail add-in to work correctly with IBM Domino®, it is important that the Domino® server's SSL certificate is trusted by the client.

About this task

This can be done by having users import the certificate through Internet Explorer. However, there may be situations where the client user account does not have permissions to modify Trusted Publisher or Trusted Root Certification Authority keys, or where there is a desire to automate this process. If the computers on the network are managed via Active Directory, a Group Policy Object is the best way to deploy certificates to users.
  1. Obtain the server certificate - If the SSL certificate was generated by Domino®, the public key can be extracted via request from a browser.
  2. Create/Update a Group Policy Object - A new or existing GPO can be used to distribute the public certificate exported from the previous step.