Sametime® 7.0 Instant Messaging Workload

The IBM® Sametime® 7.0 Instant Messaging workload models an active Sametime® user who will login, chat, change status, act on the buddy list, and logout.

About this task

The script contains an average of 15 minutes of think time so that an average user runs the distinct commands no more than four times in an hour. For each iteration of the script, a user will pick a random partner from the pre-populated buddy list and initiate a chat. A chat consists of sending five messages and, for each, receiving a reply from the partner. Once an hour, the user will then set their status to a random value and pause, then set their status back to Active. Once in a six-hour period, the user will add a new buddy to their buddy list. Next, every three hours the user will log off, wait for a while to simulate being busy elsewhere, and then log back in.

The current limitation for the workload is the total population is divided into groups of "N" users (For example, 1000) and the NOTES.INI settings ST.BL.beginuser.number= and ST.BL.enduser.number= will vary accordingly on each client driver (1-1000,1001-2000, and so forth). This is used to maintain the internal list of users available to chat by the Sametime® 7.0 workload.

Run the Sametime® 7.0 Initialization Workload.

The measurements obtained by this test are:

  • Throughput of completed IBM® Notes® operations
  • Average response time at maximum capacity
  • Maximum number of Web Mail users supported
  • The number of Logins per minute
  • The number of Logouts per minute
  • The number of IM Chats per minute
  • The number of IM Chats missed per minute (where a partner cannot be found free to chat)
  • The number of Resolves per minute
  • The number of Status Changes per minute
  • The number of Buddy List changes per minute
  • The number of Awareness notifications per minute
  • The number of Asynchronous notifications per minute
  • The number of Login Errors per minute
  • The number of Chat Errors per minute
  • The number of Buddy List Errors per minute
  • The number of Resolve Errors per minute

ST70IM Workload Functionality

About this task

  • Pause approximately 20 minutes
  • Login users. For each user, read the buddy list from userstorage. Set user status to "Active"
  • Loop for script iteration limit (average of 15 minutes per loop iteration)
    • Pause approximately four minutes.
    • Chat with one user, approximately five messages, average of 512 bytes each, with 30 seconds think time between each message
    • Pause approximately four minutes
    • Every third iteration, change to a random status, pause approximately five minutes, reset status to "Active"
    • Pause approximately five minutes
    • Every 24th iteration, add/remove a user from the buddy list
    • Pause approximately five minutes
  • Every 12th iteration, log out, pause for approximately 10 minutes, log in.
  • End Loop
  • Pause approximately one minute

ST70IM workload think times in minutes

About this task

For 24 Iterations: ContextIterations 1, 2, 3 being 3, 24, 12 respectively:

Explicit Pause Times = 192(2*4*24)

Chat Pause Times = 60(5*0.5*24 )

Status Pause Times = 80(2*5*8)

Buddy List Pause Times = 5(1*5)

Logout Pause Times = 20(1*10*2)

ST70IM workload transaction rates

About this task

For 24 Iterations (a six-hour period):

24 Chat with a user on B-list

Logouts - 2

Resolve - 1

Awareness - 1

Running the ST70IM workload from the Server.Load utility


  1. Start Server.Load.
  2. In the field Select Script, choose Sametime 7.0 IM Workload, and then click Execute.
  3. Click Start Test.
  4. Proceed to one of the Sametime® workloads according to which one you want to run.
  5. Optional: To verify that the workload run was successful, review the Sametime® Status output.