R6iNotes workload

iNotes® is the Web client for Web-based access to Domino® messaging and Personal Information Management (PIM) capabilities.

About this task

The R6iNotes test represents an active user sending, retrieving, and deleting mail from a browser. An average user runs this script four times an hour. Each time the script runs, it checks and retrieves mail messages. Additionally, on each NthIteration, which is one time in six for this workload, the user sends a mail message to NumMessageRecipients other users on the server. The user schedules an appointment, sends invitations to NumMessageRecipients other users, and responds to one invitation that it finds in its own inbox.

This test measures:

  • Throughput of completed HTTP operations
  • Average response time at maximum capacity
  • Maximum number of R6iNotes users supported before the average user response time becomes unacceptable

This test requires the following:

  • Perform all the required setup procedures that apply to your configuration for this test, including setting up the NOTES.INI file and the destination servers.

The console does not display Web users because they do not update the same counters as Notes® clients. Notes® clients use the Database Server task, and Web users use the HTTP task. Use the show task command to display each task at the server console.

To determine if mail is being delivered to the server, use this command at the console:

show stat Domino®.Requests.*

To monitor message counters, use one of these commands at the console:

show stat HTTP
show stat mail 

If authentication errors appear at the console, check that the password in the HTTP field of the Person document in the Domino® Directory on the SUT is set to NotesBench. If necessary, edit the Person document in the Domino® Directory. Use the agent Set HTTP Password to 'NotesBench'.

Ensure that the mail template is compatible with the Domino® release you are running. For Domino® Release 6, use the template iNotes6.NTF. In the NOTES.INI file of the test driver, enter Set MailTemplate=iNotes6.NTF.

To display routing information on the console, include Log_MailRouting=40 in the NOTES.INI file on the SUT.

Considerations are as follows:

  • The iNotes6 template, INOTES6.NTF, is available with the server, and must reside on the server in order to work correctly.
  • After users and mail files are created, run the Update ACL of Mail Databases to include owner agent on the Domino® Directory of the SUT to update the ACL for the mail databases. The owner of the mail databases must be named in the ACL.

Server document settings for the R6iNotes test

About this task

In the Server document, use these settings:

  • In the Administrator field on the Basics tab, enter the administrator's name, that is, the name of the user that has been defined as the administrator. If you do not include the administrator's user name, any server commands issued by Probe are rejected.
  • On the Internet Protocols > HTTP tab, set HTTP Persistent connections to Disabled.
  • On the Internet Protocols > HTTP tab (R5 Basics section), set the field Optimize HTTP performance based on the following primary activity to Advanced (Custom Settings). This setting allows you to view/modify the number of HTTP threads and is usually set during installation.

Check these NOTES.INI file settings settings for the R6iNotes test SUT:

  • Verify that the Server Tasks setting in the NOTES.INI file on the SUT includes HTTP.
  • The optimum setting for the number of HTTP threads requires some experimentation. Start with a value of 100 on a large machine and adjust this up or down until you obtain the best results.

The user that you designate as the administrator must have Manager access to the Domino® Directory in that directory's ACL.

Authentication considerations are as follows:

  • By default, R6iNotes assumes that user authentication is required. For authenticated users, ACLs for all mail databases and the Domino® Directory must specify Manager access for the - Default - user. In the NOTES.INI file of the test drivers and Probe, use the WebAuthenticationOff=0 (or not defined) setting.
  • On the Agent Restrictions section of the Server document - Security tab, set the values of the following properties to * (wildcard character).
    • Run restricted LotusScript/Java agents
    • Run unrestricted LotusScript/Java agents
  • This allows anonymous users to run restricted LotusScript/Java agents and run unrestricted LotusScript/Java agents.

Running the R6iNotes workload

About this task

R6iNotes requires authenticated users.


  1. Create mail databases with the iNotesInit workload.
  2. For authenticated users add each user to the ACL in their mail file. To do so, use the agent "Update ACL of mail dbs to include owner (mail1, mail2, ...)" from the NAMAGENT.NSF.
  3. Enter the SH STAT command at the SUT console before exiting the Domino® server at the end of the test.