iNotes® Initialization workload

The iNotes® Initialization workload creates a set of mail databases on the server and populates them with mail. The mail databases are populated with the number of notes (messages) specified in the NOTES.INI variable NumMailNotesPerUser.

About this task

The iNotesInit test automatically creates and sets up the mail databases for the R5iNotes and R6iNotes workloads and establishes the following settings:

  • Database ACL settings
    • Default user is provided with Manager access
    • Anonymous user is provided with Manager access
  • Owner set = mail#

The agent that you can use to create Person documents is in NAMAGENT.NSF.

Use the Create NotesBench Mail Person Documents NAMAGENT.NSF agent on any platform to create Person documents that use the mail*.nsf files (created by iNotes® Initialization) on the SUT as the users' mail files. Copy NAMAGENT.NSF to the Domino® Directory and run it from there. See the Using this Database document for more information about the agents in NAMAGENT.NSF.

Running the test


  1. Run iNotesInit to create the mail databases.
  2. When the workload is complete, verify that all mail files have been created.
  3. Run one of these tests:
    • R5iNotes Workload
    • R6iNotes Workload