Verifying widget trust for Notes® client users

If an approved OpenSocial widget will be used by Notes® client users, those users must have trust established for the signer of the widget. You establish this trust by including any administrators who approve (sign) widgets in the ECL specified in a Security settings policy on the Domino® server running Shindig.

About this task

You can verify that the correct ECL settings are being applied by logging into Notes as a (test) user for whom you are planning to render an embedded experience.


  1. Open the Notes® client as the test user.
  2. Select File > Security > User Security and enter the user's password.
  3. Select What Others Can Do > Using Workstation.
  4. Under When code is signed by, check for the name(s) of administrators whom you specified in the ECL in the Security settings policy are in the list, and make sure that the check box Configure widget capabilities is enabled for any such administrator.