Adding proxy settings to an approved widget

You can add proxy settings to an approved widget by using the edit function.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator client, click Files, select the widget catalog and click to open the widget catalog.
  2. Select the widget you are adding settings to and open the widget document.
  3. Click Edit Proxy Data.

    The Configure Proxy dialog box displays the OpenSocial widget with which proxy settings are associated. The page displays a list of the defined proxies for the widget.

  4. Complete these steps as necessary:
  5. (Optional) Under IP filter, specify values in the Allow list and Deny list fields as needed. Represent filter values as IPv4 addresses:
    • Fully qualified domain name, no wildcards.
    • IP address and subnet mask,, no wildcards are permitted. Both sides of the subnet must be valid ip(v4) addresses.
    • IP address with wildcards for specific address components only, for example, 9.6.*.*, but * by itself is not permitted.
  6. Click Save. Click OK.