Building the Domino® environment

After installing the first IBM® Domino® server and any additional servers, configure the servers and build the environment.

About this task

The procedure is as follows. Also review the Upgrade Cookbook: Upgrading Lotus Notes® and Domino® in the Notes® and Domino® wiki.


  1. Create connection documents for server communication.
  2. If you have remote users, set up mobile support and Remote Access Service (RAS) for network dialup.
  3. Set up mail routing.
  4. Establish a replication schedule.
  5. Configure incoming and outgoing Internet mail (SMTP).
  6. Customize the administration process for your organization.
  7. Plan and create policies before you register users and groups.
  8. Register users and groups.
  9. Determine backup and maintenance plans and consider transaction logging.
  10. Consider remote server administration from the Domino® console or Web Administrator console. Also consider the use of an extended administration server.
  11. Set up a mobile directory catalog on IBM® Notes® clients to give Notes® users local access to a corporate-wide directory.
  12. Consider implementing clustering on servers.