Test the deployment widget

Always test a feature deployment widget before making it available to your users.

About this task

You can test the widget by dragging it from the catalog view to your My Widgets sidebar


  1. Drag the new widget from the widgets catalog view to your My Widgets sidebar panel.
  2. Respond to any feature install prompts that appear.

    When you install a new feature you are prompted to restart the client.

  3. Upon restart, note the addition of the FeatureABX widget in the My Widgets sidebar panel.
  4. Test the functionality that you expected to be installed by the widget.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the widget behavior, change the widget's category name to make it available to users whose Widgets categories to install policy or preference matches the widget's category. In this example, reopen the widget in the catalog and change its widget category from "testFeatureABX" to "widgetsforyou" as used in this example as specified in their Widget catalog categories to install policy setting.