Create the deployment widget

You can create the deployment widget directly in the catalog, as described here, or create the widget using a configuration wizard and then publish the widget to the catalog. You can simplify the process described here by using the Features and Plugins wizard in Notes®.

About this task

Perform these steps to open the widgets catalog, create the widget, and attach the extension.xml file that you created earlier.

Note: The Start Configuring Widgets toolbar button contains a Features and Plugins option. This option launches a wizard sequence designed to simplify the process of creating a Notes® client plug-in deployment widget. The wizard guides you through the widget definition and extension.xml creation process. For details, see How do I configure a Features and Plugins deployment widget? in Notes® user help.


  1. Open the widgets catalog by clicking Browse the Widget Catalog in the My Widgets sidebar panel toolbar.
  2. Create the widget.
    1. In the widget catalog, click the All Widgets view option.
    2. Click Add Widget to Catalog.
    3. Enter a widget title, for example FeatureABX in the Title field.
    4. Click Category and select a existing or type a new category name, for example widgetsforyou. For this example scenario, type the new catalog category testFeatureABX name.
    5. Optional: Click Platform and select all that apply.
    6. For view sorting purposes, click Plugin and Features.
    7. In the Description field, enter a brief descriptor, such as Provision FeatureABX to users.
    8. Click Attach and select the extension.xml file that you created earlier.
    9. Click Save and Close.