Prepare the Domino® server and Notes® client

Perform these steps to install or upgrade your Domino® server and Notes® client, create the widgets catalog, and specify widgets policy or preference settings for users.

About this task

Prepare a Notes® client plug-in deployment environment as follows.


  1. Install or upgrade a Domino® server.

    This server will house the widget catalog application and NSF-based update site, and optionally be used to configure the user's desktop policy settings with new Widgets policy settings.

    In this example, the Domino® server name is

  2. Install or upgrade a Notes® client.
  3. Create the widgets catalog on the server using the widgets catalog template as described in the topicCreating the widget catalog.
  4. Configure Domino® policy to specify the catalog server name, catalog name, and catalog categories to install using the Widgets tab on the Domino® desktop policy settings document as described in the topic Controlling Widgets and Live Text access with Domino® policy.
    Note: Alternatively, establish these settings with either the user's My Widgets preference panel or Eclipse preferences in the plugin_customization.ini file on the client.

    For this example, specify values for the first two settings for both your own policy and your users; specify the third setting for users only. Leave all other settings as is. These values are for this example only:

    Widget catalog server --

    Widget catalog application name -- toolbox.nsf

    Widget catalog categories to install -- widgetsforyou

    Note: The widgetsforyou category is for your target Notes® users; you do not need it for your own policy setting as you create and test the widget.

  5. If you have used the Enable provider IDs for widget additionor Restrict provider IDs for installation/execution settings on the Widgets tab in the desktop policy settings document to control which widget types your users can install and use, note that a fifth type, prov.provider.ToolboxProvisioning, has been added which allows a widget to be used to deploy a client plug-in, which you should enable. An equivalent setting in the plugin_customization.ini file is also now available. For more information, see the topic Controlling Widgets and Live Text access with Domino® policy.