Web Control instructions for DOLS users

The Web Control is a pop-up menu in the subscription from which users can install the subscription, synchronize, choose a language for the interface text, and open the subscription online or offline. To open the pop-up menu, users click either Go Offline, or an image in a frame on the main Web page of the subscription.

About this task

For more information on customizing how users install the subscription, see the topic Customizing how users install the DOLS subscription in the related links.

To access the Web Control menu using shortcuts

The following are instructions on installing a DOLS subscription with minimal use of a pointer device. Along with a username, password, and address, you may want to send these instructions to users who want or require alternative access to software features.

About this task

Use these steps to take a subscription offline:


  1. Open the subscription online.
  2. Click once anywhere on the Web page.
  3. Press TAB to move the focus to different frames until the focus is on the image or words Go Offline. This is the Web Control.
  4. Press ENTER. The pop-up menu opens.
  5. Optional: Press the up and down arrow keys to navigate to the Language menu item, then press the right arrow key. The list of languages opens. Press the up and down arrow keys to navigate to a language and press ENTER. This is the language the subscription interface appears in offline.
  6. Open the pop-up menu again.
  7. Press the up and down arrow keys to select Install Subscription.


Note: There are no keyboard shortcuts for the Languages menu.