Reducing DOLS download time with selective replication

By controlling how much of the mail file is replicated offline, you can control the size of a subscription and reduce download time for remote users who may have a slow connection.

To set limits on what users take offline, do the following:

  1. Open the main subscription.
  2. Open the Database Properties box.
  3. From the Database Basics tab, click Replication Settings.
  4. In the Replication Settings dialog box, click Advanced.
  5. Enter one of the following in the When computer field:
    • OfflineSync/DOLS - Settings apply to all users of the subscription.
    • User/Domain - Settings apply to that user only.
      Note: Individual user settings take precedence over OfflineSync/DOLS settings.
  6. Choose replication settings:

    For example, you can check Replicate a subset of documents and choose the folders and views you want synchronized to the user's machine. You can also have the documents synchronized by formula. For example, you can check Select by Formula and enter a formula so that only selected users are able to synchronize a selected folder.

    Important: DOLS requires that you add the following text to any selective replication formula that you create. If you forget to add this text, offline users will not be able to open their offline applications:

    The following example shows a selective replication formula with the required text:

    SELECT From=@UserName|Form="DOLSOfflineConfiguration"
  7. To save the settings, click OK.