Adding a directory catalog to a DOLS subscription

Adding a directory catalog to a DOLS (Domino® Offline Services) subscription allows users to take IBM® Domino® Directory information offline.

About this task

Adding a catalog means more for a user to download. To keep download time reasonable, you may want to create a directory catalog specifically for offline users, which contains only the information they absolutely need.

To add a default catalog, open the NOTES.INI file on the server and add the line $DOLSDirectoryCatalog=nameofcatalog.nsf where nameofcatalog is the name of the catalog. Alternatively, use these steps to add a directory catalog to a DOLS subscription.


  1. From the DOLS Customize subform, you can create a field that looks up a catalog's name on the server record and populates the Directory catalog to replicate field with that name.
  2. Open the Offline Subscription Configuration Profile document.
  3. Enter the name of the catalog in the Directory Catalog field in the Rules tab.
  4. Restart the server.


The option Include server's Domino Directory is available in the IBM® iNotes® Offline preferences. Users need to enable this option to allow address look ups, which is necessary to encrypt mail offline.