Using the Purge agent to manage the size of the Web Navigator database

As users open Web pages, the Web Navigator database gets larger. To manage the database, use the Purge agent. The Purge agent uses settings in the Web Navigator Administration document, which is in the Web Navigator database (WEB.NSF), to determine what and how much to purge. Each night at 1 AM, the Purge agent goes through the database three times, each time purging documents according to the criteria you specify. As soon as the database size you specify is obtained, the Purge agent stops and queues to run the following night.

Before you begin

Before you complete either of these procedures, make sure that you have already set up security for Web Navigator agents (in agent preferences) and that you have the WebMaster role in the ACL of the Web Navigator database.

About this task

The Purge agent purges the database in three passes:

  • First pass -- Checks the Expired header on each Web page. If the Web page has expired, deletes that page.
  • Second pass -- Checks the document creation date on each Web page and deletes pages older than the date you specify.
  • Third pass -- Checks for pages that are larger than the size you specify, and then deletes them.

To specify purge criteria


  1. Using the Notes® client, select the Web Navigator database (WEB.NSF) using a network connection to the server.
  2. Choose View > Go to, and then select All Documents.
  3. Click Actions > Administration.
  4. Edit any of the following fields, and then save the document:
    Table 1. Administration fields



    Maximum database size

    The maximum size of the Web Navigator database

    The default is 500MB

    Purge agent action

    One of these methods to use when purging documents:

    • Delete page to delete pages permanently from the database.
    • Reduce page to delete the contents of the page, but saves the URL so you still see the page in the database views.

    Delete page is the default.

    Purge to what % of maximum size

    A percentage of the maximum database size setting that the Purge agent should reach before stopping.

    The default is 60%.

    Purge documents older than

    When to delete documents based on the number of days they have been in the database.

    The default is 30 days.

    Purge documents larger than

    When to delete documents based on their size.

    The default is 512KB.

    Purge Private documents

    One of these that determines if the Purge agent deletes documents stored in users' private folders:

    • Unselected (default) -- To not purge documents stored in private folders
    • Selected -- To purge documents stored in private folders


The Purge agent is set up to run at 1 AM, but it does not start this schedule until you enable the agent.

What to do next

Enable the Purge agent by repeating Steps 1-3 and then completing these steps:
  1. Click the Enable Purge agent button.
  2. Select the name of the server on which the Web Navigator runs in the Choose Server To Run On dialog box, and then save the document.