Displaying who retrieved a page in the Web Navigator database

By default, the Web Navigator database uses a view named ($All) to display information about each page that users retrieve. However, this view does not display the name of the user who retrieved a particular page.

About this task

To display the name of the user who retrieved a page, the Web Navigator template provides a view titled ($All with Authors). The name displays next to the title of the Web page. To use this as the default view, rename it to ($All) so that the references to ($All) in the navigators work.


  1. Make sure you have Domino® Designer access in the ACL of the Web Navigator template (PUBWEB50.NTF) on the server.
  2. Start Domino® Designer, open the Web Navigator template, and select the ($All) view.
  3. Choose Edit > Copy and then choose Edit > Paste to paste the Copy of ($All) view into the template.
  4. Delete the ($All) view.
  5. Open the ($All with Authors) view.
  6. Choose Design > View Properties and rename the view to ($All).
  7. On the Options tab, select Default when database is first opened to make this view the default.
  8. Close and save your changes.
  9. Replace the design of the Web Navigator database.
  10. Make sure you have the WebMaster role in the ACL of the Web Navigator database.
  11. Select the Web Navigator database using a network connection to the server.
  12. Choose View > Go to and select All Documents.
  13. Choose Actions > Administration, and select Save author information.