Saving and viewing HTML sources in the Web Navigator database

You can save and view the HTML source for a Web page. Domino® saves the source in the Body field in the Web Navigator database.

About this task

This setting affects all pages retrieved by the Web Navigator server.

To save HTML sources


  1. Make sure you have the WebMaster role in the ACL of the Web Navigator database.
  2. Using the Notes® client, select the Web Navigator database using a network connection to the server.
  3. Choose View > Go to, and then select All Documents.
  4. Choose Actions > Administration.
  5. In the HTML Save Options field, choose one of the following:
    • Save as Rich Text only -- To store the rich text in the document in a Body field
    • Save as Rich Text and HTML -- To create separate Body fields for the rich text and HTML tags
    • Save as MIME only -- To store the document using MIME type format in a Body field

To view HTML sources


  1. Open the document in the Web Navigator database.
  2. Choose View > Show > HTML Source.