Using mail journaling to determine intended message recipients

When messages are journaled, the content of the Send To, CC and BCC fields is captured in the message, but the list of intended message recipients is not captured. Theses fields might contain group names that might change over time.

About this task

If a message is selected for journaling, the Journal Recipients feature captures a copy of the initial recipient names before the router starts removing them from the message. The recipient journaling feature also captures router group expansion results for any message that undergoes router group expansion. To capture this information, multiple instances of the message may be journaled.

Note: The Journal Recipients feature applies to router group expansion only.

$JournalRecipients is added to the journaled messages to specify the original individual recipients who are intended to receive this message. This item is a copy of the original Recipients item when the router first sees the message selected to be journaled on the server that is enabled for journaling. All journaled messages have this item when recipient journaling is enabled.

$JournalRecipientsExpanded_n is added to a message selected for journaling whenever router group expansion occurs for a recipient of that message. Multiple items are necessary for large group expansions.

When the Journal Recipients feature is enabled, Delivery Status Reports can be journaled.


  1. Make sure you already have a Configuration Settings document for the server(s) to be configured.
  2. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Configuration tab and expand the Messaging section.
  3. Click Configurations.
  4. Select the Configuration Settings document for the mail server or servers where you want to journal mail, and click Edit Configuration.
  5. Click the Router/SMTP > Advanced > Journaling tab.
  6. For the Journal Recipients field, click Enable.
  7. Click Save and Close.