HTML rendering for mail

By default, HTML-formatted mail messages -- for example, mail newsletters -- are rendered using these browsers. The default use of these browsers ensures that HTML-formatted emails are readable and appear to the recipient as the sender intended. Note that such rendering is for reading only. If a user edits an HTML-formatted mail message or forwards or replies to one, the new mail message is rendered using the Notes® embedded browser, and may not retain all of the original HTML formatting.

Table 1. Browsers that render HTML-formatted mail messages

Client platform/operating system

Browser used to render HTML mail

Microsoft Windows Notes® (Notes® Basic and Standard configurations

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Linux ( Notes® Standard)


MacIntosh (Notes® Standard only)


You may want to disable the improved HTML rendering for security reasons, as HTML formatting has some risks associated with its use.

The use of these browsers for improved HTML rendering is set using the NOTES.INI variable BrowserRenderDisable=1. Set this variable to 0 to use the Notes® embedded browser for HTML-formatted mail. You can set up improved HTML rendering automatically for your users, by deploying BrowserRenderDisable through a Desktop policy setting.