Specifying messages to journal

After you enable journaling, set mail rules on the Configuration Settings document to specify which messages to journal.

If you specify All documents and a message is returned as undeliverable, Domino® journals the delivery failure report as well as the original message.

When Domino® journals a message, it sets a journal flag on the message before transferring it to the next server on the route. This ensures that servers later in the routing path do not journal the message again. When the Router on the destination mail server delivers the message to the user's mail file it removes the journal flag so to that the user remains unaware that the message has been journaled.

On servers running the ISpy task, this task sends mail probes in the form of trace messages to test mail connectivity approximately every five minutes. Under normal use, the ISpy task automatically deletes these probes from the ISpy mail-in database and the only trace of them are entries in the Routing events view of the server log file and on the server console. However, if you enable a journaling rule on these servers and specify the condition All documents, the Mail Journaling database will capture each trace message that the ISpy task sends. To prevent the Mail Journaling database from filling up with these entries, configure a rule exception for messages where the sender includes ISpy.