Setting mail file quotas

You can set two types of size limits on a user's mail file: an absolute quota size and a warning threshold. Set a quota if you intend to establish a policy of interrupting users' mail usage if their mail files exceed a specified size. Set a warning threshold to provide users with advance notice when their mail files approach the designated mail file quota, so they can reduce the size of their mail files before message flow is interrupted. You must set a quota before you can set a warning threshold.

You can specify mail file quota indicator settings on the desktop policy settings document. The mail file quota indicator settings designate whether a mail quota indicator is displayed on the Notes® client, and if it is displayed, the automatic update interval for the mail quota in minutes and whether the mail quota is refreshed when the cursor hovers over the mail quota indicator.

Quotas and warning thresholds can be associated with a particular mail file database only, not with a user ID. If a user has access to an alternate mail file, the quota set on the primary mail file has no effect on the alternate mail file. You set these quota limits and warning thresholds:

  • During registration - quotas specified during registration apply only to new users, not to existing users. For users migrated from other mail systems, the restrictions do not apply to mailbox contents brought over from the old system. In other words, a mail file limit of 500MB does not prevent you from migrating a user's 600MB mail box from another mail system. However, the user will not be able to receive new mail.
  • Per database - Using the Domino® Administrator, you can manually specify the warning threshold and quota of one or more mail files using the same method you would to set these limits for any Notes® database.