Notifying users who exceed a mail file quota or warning threshold

You can configure the Router to notify a user whose mail file exceeds a warning threshold or quota.

The following table lists the information contained in the notification message:

Table 1. Mail file quota messages

Message field


Notification type

Describes why the user received the notification. For example, an over quota report explains that an incoming message caused the user's mail file to exceed the quota set for their mail file. Over quota and quota warning reports contain default text, which you can customize.

Message headers

The sender (FROM field), recipients (TO and CC), subject of the affected message.

Message size

The size of the affected message, in KB.

Current® mail file usage

Database usage or current size of the user's mail file, in KB.

Current® quota settings

The warning threshold and quota currently set for the user's mail file.

What you should do

Explains what action, if any, was taken -- for example, whether the message was returned to the sender or is being held for retry; and provides instructions explaining what actions the user should take to reduce the size of the mail file -- for example, deleting or archiving messages. If you customize the text of the notification to provide users with additional instructions or information, the text you add appears as part of the Notification type information at the beginning of the message.

Users who exceed the quota for their mail file receive over quota warnings. Over quota warning threshold notifications are sent to mail files that are over the warning threshold but under the database quota. Over quota notifications are sent to mail files that exceed database quota.

Note: You can specify mail file quota indicator settings on the desktop policy settings document. The mail file quota indicator settings designate whether a mail quota indicator is displayed on the Notes® client, and if it is displayed, the automatic update interval for the mail quota in minutes and whether the mail quota is refreshed when the cursor hovers over the mail quota indicator.

Message tracking is not enforced or supported for either type of warning notification.

Specifying how often users receive notifications

You have three options for specifying how often the Router delivers warning notifications to users who violate their mail file's warning threshold or quota:

  • None - (Default ) - Users receive no warning if their mail files exceed the size limit.
  • Per Message - Users whose mail files exceed the size limit receive a warning notification every time MAIL.BOX receives a new message for them.
  • Per time interval - Users whose mail files exceed the size limit immediately receive a warning message; the warning message is not sent according to the specified per time interval setting.