Managing automatic notices to owners of rooms or resources

The owner of a room/resource document receives a variety of notices by default, some of them repeated many times until action is taken. As the Domino® administrator, you can help control the number of additional notices (the first such notice is always sent) in the Owner options section of the Resource document.

About this task

Settings to manage the number of notices are available only for Resource documents where the Owner restrictions option is set to Owner only or Autoprocessing:
  • With the Owner only setting, the owner is responsible for deciding whether a request to use the room/resource can be processed at all, and the administrator may want to protect such owners from receiving too many notices.
  • With the Autoprocessing setting, specific people can listed whose requests are processed automatically, but the owner is still responsible for requests from anyone else and may again receive too many notices.
You can limit the number of notices either while creating a Resource document or while editing one.


  1. Follow instructions for creating or editing the document.
  2. Before saving and closing the document, specify settings in the Owner options section as follows:
    Table 1. Owner options settings
    Field Description
    Owner reminders
    Send until owner takes action. Leaving this option selected causes additional notices to be sent until the owner acts on the request.
    Note: This option behaves as Domino® did by default until these settings for controlling number of additional notices were added.

    Send a specific number of additional notices. Select this option and enter a number, for example 5, of additional times that any automatic notice will be sent.

    Send Notices on Select the days of the week on which the additional notices will be sent. For example, de-select the weekend days, or select only one day to restrict notices to weekly.