Work with Domino® Console (WRKDOMCSL)

The Work with Domino® Console command provides a way to submit Domino® server commands to a specific Domino® server.

When using the Domino® console, you can immediately see the responses from the Domino® server. Only one job can be running the WRKDOMCSL command for a specific Domino® server. Other jobs can use the Display Domino® Console (DSPDOMCSL) command to view the console messages for the same server.

To use the WRKDOMCSL command, you must have one of the following:

  • *USE authority to the WRKDOMCSL object (object type *CMD) in the QSYS library, *USE authority to the QNNINCSS object (object type *PGM) in the QNOTES library, and *X data authority to the Domino® data directory (and its parent directories if the directory is not directly under the root directory)
  • *ALLOBJ special authority