Run Domino® Command (RUNDOMCMD)

The Run Domino® Command (RUNDOMCMD) runs a CL command in the context of a particular Domino® server.

This command sets up the environment that allows the command to be run whether the Domino® server is active or not. The setup includes setting the PATH environment variable for the server, setting the directory for the job to the data directory of the server, and running the requested command under the QNOTES user profile.

CAUTION: If you use RUNDOMCMD in batch, specifying BATCH(*YES), the RUNDOMCMD setup does not set the current working directory for the job to the server data directory. Instead, the home directory of the QNOTES user profile is used.

To use the RUNDOMCMD command, you must have one of the following authorities:

  • *ALLOBJ special authority
  • *USE authority to the RUNDOMCMD object (object type *CMD) in the QSYS library and *USE authority to the QNNINRUN object (object type *PGM) in the QNOTES library.