Viewing the Domino® server monitor

The Domino® server monitor has two views: By Timeline and By State.

About this task

The By Timeline view displays historic information about server status. The By State view displays real-time statistics and status of server tasks.

Use the By Timeline view to track the status of server tasks. In this view, you can see which tasks are having problems and approximately when the problems occurred. Using the Column scale selector, you can choose a data display time interval of 1 to 60 minutes. As you increase the time interval, you increase the summation of the data. You can change the sort order of both the Server Name and Server Status columns in this view.

The By State view displays a detailed status of Domino® servers and their associated tasks and statistics. Each server and server task displays a status indicator that identifies its current state. Using the option Display past states reporting errors exclusively, you can view only error states. If a statistic is numeric, you can display the difference between the current statistic value and its value from one hour earlier. A differences icon appears in the statistic column and points to the previous value. In this view, you can change the sort order of the Server Name and Server Status columns and of any Statistic Value columns that contain numeric values.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Server > Monitoring tab.
  2. Choose one view:
    • By Timeline -- Then set the Column scale selector to a value from 1 to 60 minutes.
    • By State -- Then to view past errors only, select the check boxDisplay past states reporting errors exclusively.
  3. Click Start to start the server monitor.
    Tip: If you enable Automatically monitor servers at startup in the Administration Preferences, the server monitor starts automatically and monitors the most recently viewed profile.