Server Health reports

Based on information gathered by the Domino® Server Monitor, the Server Health Monitor issues Health reports. Health reports are stored in the Health Monitoring database (DOMMON.NSF).

There are two views of Health reports, current and historical. Current® reports are based on information reported by the Domino® server monitor. Historical reports are an accumulation of past reports.

Each report includes the following information:

  • Server Health information -- Information about the server, including the version of Domino® and operating system. Displays the rating and rating value, and lists the first time this rating appeared. Also shows the last time the server was evaluated.
  • Configuration Issues -- Identifies any configuration issues that may be preventing the Server Health Monitor from generating the most accurate diagnoses possible. Failing to correct these configuration issues will result in health reports that are less accurate and less detailed.
  • Details Regarding Rating -- This information backs up the recommendations. Information can include details about the server's configuration or performance.
  • Short Term Recommendations -- These are things you can do immediately to improve the server's performance.
  • Long Term Recommendations -- These are suggestions for making lasting improvements that will prevent a poor health rating in the future.