Domino® server monitor

The Domino® server monitor displays real-time statistics and provides a visual representation of the status of servers and server tasks. You can view all servers or a subset of servers, and you can view the status by state or by timeline.

The Domino® server monitor creates a set of default system profiles that include all servers, servers in each domain, servers in clusters in each domain, and servers in the Favorites bookmark file. In addition, you can create custom profiles that specify the servers, server tasks, and statistics to monitor. For example, you can create a mail-server profile and select only server tasks and statistics related to mail delivery.

You can use the server monitor to perform these tasks:

  • View server monitor statistics by timeline or by state
  • Display past error states only
  • Add or remove a server to monitor
  • Add or remove server tasks or statistics from a selected server or from all servers
  • Create and edit server monitor profiles
  • Move to the Status or Messaging tab to troubleshoot an error report
  • Sort statistics columns that have numerical values
  • Right-click a statistic to retrieve additional information about it
  • For numerical statistics, display the difference between the current statistic and the statistic generated one hour earlier
Note: The Domino® server monitor is not available in the Web Administrator.